Approximately 45-55 percent of our practice is devoted to the gynecological care of females, including pre and post adolescent girls and extending into the post-menopausal age group. Our group also offers many special services for your convenience, including:

  Annual exam / well visit

  Ultrasonography – Obstetrical & Gynecological

  Bone Density Studies

  Bioidentical Hormone Therapy 

  Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

  Urinary Incontinence Testing and Therapy

When making your appointment, please notify us of any insurance restrictions. If you are unsure of your coverage please consult our receptionist.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  Treatment of menstrual and hormonal disorders

  Premenstrual stress disorder

  Abnormal and pre-cancerous pap smears


  Breast disorders: nipple discharge, pain, masses

  Contraceptive management

  Menstrual irregularity, pain, excessive flow

  Post-menopausal bleeding

  Pelvic pain

  Disorders of the ovaries



  Pelvic relaxation and urinary incontinence

  Bladder infections

  Infections of the vagina

  Vulvar or external vaginal conditions