Atlanta’s Dr. Keisa G. Anderson Announces Natural Hormone Treatment

North Atlanta Ob/Gyn is joining with BioTE Medical to offer bio-identical hormone treatment to area.

(Atlanta, GA) Dr. Keisa G. Anderson today announced that her practice is now offering the BioTE Medical Method of natural hormone replacement to patients in the Atlanta area. Dr. Keisa G. Anderson, who has been practicing in the Atlanta area for over 10+ years, said that BioTE’s method of hormone replacement is the safest and most effective way for women to balance hormones.

Dr. Keisa G. Anderson said the selection of BioTE is the result of personal research that she’s done into the field of hormone replacement. Dr. Keisa G. Anderson added, “We felt that it was important to research this area thoroughly before making a decision. BioTE Medical’s method of hormone pellet therapy is natural and safe and convenient. Only 3 to 4 office visits per year are required.”

Here’s an inside look at how we can balance our hormones better so that we can all look and feel better as well. Dr. Joy Wexler and Dr. Jeffrey Hunt have been recently interviewed to discuss more regarding BioTE treatment.

The hormone replacement therapy makes men and women feel stronger, energized, and more like themselves. Let’s take a look at when the treatment was first developed and learn how the procedure takes place.

The procedure takes less than 5 minutes to perform and involves minimal pain and healing“

The BioTE Method, developed by Dr. Gary Donovitz from Arlington, Texas, utilizes tiny hormone pellets that are inserted into an area just below the hip on the patient’s back side. The procedure takes less than 5 minutes to perform and involves minimal pain and healing. Dr. Keisa G. Anderson added, “With just 3 to 4 in-office treatments per year, you can get your hormones balanced naturally. This is a significant improvement over hormone shots, gels and creams which have to be administered daily or weekly and can have a host of side effects. Hormone pellet therapy is planted based and natural.”

Dr. Keisa G. Anderson also cited the long-term benefits of hormone pellet therapy. According to Dr. Keisa G. Anderson, “Of course, energy and libido are improved and patients love the way they feel when their hormones are balanced. But there are a number of long-term benefits as well.”

Studies have shown that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is protective to the heart and brain.“

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