Schedule of visits

In pregnancy, your estimated due date represents 40 completed weeks of gestation. The following outline of obstetric appointments represents an example of the typical number of visits pregnant patients can expect to schedule during a normal, low risk pregnancy:

# of weeksWhat to Expect During the VisitReminders and General Plans for Your Next Visits
16-8Confirmation Visit. Pelvic exam, prenatal info reviewed, prenatal vitamins prescribed, ultrasound, OB folder given.Review & sign consent forms for genetic testing and fetal screening. Bring to your next visit for OB Work-up
212OB Work-Up. Pap smear (if due), prenatal labs, urine culture, genetic testing & fetal screening (if desired)Discuss tests for high-risk pregnancy
316Routine Visit. AFP blood testSchedule 20-week ultrasound* (unless you are being followed by specialist)
420Routine Visit. Anatomy ultrasound (*scheduled separately from visit with doctor.)
524Routine Visit. 1-hour glucose test and Complete Blood CountObtain Glucola & review instructions for next visit. Consume Glucola before next appointment.
628Routine Visit. 1-hour glucose test and Complete Blood Count (if not done at last visit) Rhogam Injection + AB Screen if Rh negative, TDAP InjectionReview Cord Blood Banking. Sign up for and attend maternity classes, hospital tour, etc. Begin appointments now every 2 weeks.
730Routine VisitPre-register at Northside Hospital
832Routine Visit
934Routine VisitSelect a pediatrician. Begin appointments every week.
1036Routine Visit. Group B Strep culture, cervix check, bloodwork
1137Routine Visit
1238Routine Visit
1339Routine Visit. Cervix check
1440Routine Visit. Cervix checkDiscuss delivery/induction of labor