The information provided in this website is intended to educate you about North Atlanta OB/GYN and the services that we provide. It should not be used as a tool for self diagnosis. We are not responsible for the information provided through links made available on our website. If you are having any medical problems that need the attention of one of our physicians we encourage you to make an appointment.

The practitioners at North Atlanta OB/GYN ask your permission to accept blood transfusion if it is necessary to preserve life, promote recovery, or prevent future medical complications. The blood transfusion can include whole blood or blood products. These blood products could come from community blood banks or from directed or autologous (your own) blood sources. The practitioners feel both an ethical and a personal desire to help avoid transfusion if possible, but also have an obligation to use all measures to ensure your health and safety.

Please note that North Atlanta OB/GYN has the right to deny you care if you are unable or willing to consent to this policy. You must be willing to accept blood product if medically necessary in order to be a patient of North Atlanta OB/GYN.